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Drift+Noise has been busy the second semester of 2020 and we are starting 2021 with a kick!

by Alexandra Stocker on 2021-01-27

Our team at Drift+Noise is growing, we released our new IcySea App around Svalbard and the number of users is increasing weekly. Thanks to our user’s feedback we are working on improving the app for a wide range of Arctic navigators. Our goal this year is to expand IcySea to other Arctic regions, read the post to discover our next steps.

Ice drift forecasts in Svalbard are now more accurate

by Panagiotis Kountouris on 2020-05-27

There is now an improved sea-ice drift forecast for the Svalbard region and it will be available via the upcoming SVALNAV application. Thanks to the Copernicus User Uptake Project SVALNAV our colleagues at the Norwegian Meterological Institue could make this happen. This blog post gives a very brief look into how this has been achieved.

SVALNAV is coming!

by Panagiotis Kountouris on 2020-03-10

We’re developing a new application called SVALNAV where you can access and view all the satellite information you need for safe navigation in sea-ice around Svalbard. It has been specifically designed to be used over low bandwidth internet connections.

Safer shipping over ice

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2019-04-05

Even if the number of ships in the Arctic is still manageable, this is likely to change in the long term; especially considering the increasing number of ice-free days. Navigation safety needs to be addressed today.

ssh, tmux and vim: A Simple Yet Effective Pair Programming Setup

by Paul Cochrane on 2019-04-04

At Drift+Noise, we try to use Agile software development methods where possible. One of these methods is Pair Programming. This article gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the technical aspects of our pair programming setup looks and mentions some of our experiences with the technique so far.