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High resolution ice forecasts: Is that possible? We accept the challenge with the ESA kick-start project PRIIMA

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2018-04-12

Several sources for ice information exist on the market. Unfortunately, all information on board is already outdated the moment it is available, as sea-ice drifts several kilometres a day. Arctic stakeholders are in an urgent need for ice forecasts. Presently there is no high-resolution ice forecast product available on the market. PRIIMA will deliver ice forecasts with the resolution of a satellite radar image. The concept is pragmatic in the sense that it establishes a helpful product developed in close collaboration with our test users from the field of cargo shipping, research ice breakers and expedition cruises.

Heritage Expeditions uses operational ice maps

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2018-02-08

The 2017/2018 expedition cruise to Eastern Antarcticas Commonwealth bay, conducted by Heritage Expeditions , was assisted with Drift+Noise’s operational ice maps. The cruise took place on the Akademik Shokalskiy , a Russian owned cruise and research ship.

Rendezvous of four gigantic icebergs in the hotspot of Antarctica’s cruise industry

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2017-10-13

After a long journey, four gigantic icebergs have finally reached the open waters north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Each of the four icebergs are approximately 50 km in length. Nevertheless, they are only fragments of yet larger icebergs which calved between 1987 and 2010. The question is where they float next, when will they break apart, and will they remain in these waters until the Antarctic expedition cruise season starts?

Antarctic Cruises - Smarter Sailing with Satellite Data

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2017-05-15

Remote Antarctica; How to get up to date ice information for a safe planning of the route ahead? The answer comes from space with a variety of satellite missions operated by NASA, ESA or JAXA. A test case of the first version of Operational Ice Maps took place in the beginning of 2017. The m/v Ortelius , operated by Oceanwide Expeditions , went from Ushuaia in Argentina, via the Ross Sea to New Zealand, and back again. The ice-map support in that case study was financed by the DLR funded research project MARSAT .

Ice Shipping 4.0. - Digital data from space on board

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2017-04-18

It’s not science fiction anymore. Fully automated 24/7 near-real-time ice image information support for tactical decision making in polar waters is available now. Our support system includes: (i) an operational satellite image database, (ii) communication lines between ships, satellites, and the internet, (iii) the automatic ship identification system (AIS), (iv) standardized image visualization and (v) high performance computer systems. The Drift+Noise ice information service smoothly integrates these items with on-board operational procedures.