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Looking through the clouds

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2016-12-09

Optical satellite images are a great help to find your way through or around the ice. Unfortunately, clouds often mask your view of the ice. Radar images such as those provided by ESA’s Sentinel-1 missions are independent of clouds and daylight. The image comparison shown here is an impressive example of the advantage radar images have compared to optical images.

Fully automated support of ice breaker activities with near-real time radar images from space

by Lasse Rabenstein on 2016-10-06

Tactical decisions for navigation in or close to ice infested seas are difficult, as ice conditions change continuously. Satellite radar images from the Sentinel-1 satellites of the European Space Agency (ESA) provide images of ice situations several times a day. These data are open and therefore free of charge. Presently Drift + Noise Polar Services delivers customized Sentinel-1 radar images to the research ice breaker Polarstern. If you are interested to support your tactical decisions on board in a similar way, please contact us under