About us

Drift+Noise Polar Services GmbH is a start-up and spin-off company of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI). The founders look back on more than 15 years of operational experience in polar regions.

Drift+Noise is fully committed to assisting stakeholders acting in polar waters with operational ice information from models and satellites, by leveraging technology from polar research, geophysics, and remote sensing.

We are looking for early-adopters in the marine and polar market who are presently investing in the digitization of their operations. We integrate Agile and DevOps practices to ensure the high quality of our operational services; concepts such as code revision, test driven development, and continuous integration are used in our daily workflow.

Key users of our services include icebreakers like Polarstern (the German national icebreaker operated by the AWI) and Aurora Australis (chartered by the Australian Antarctic Division), expedition cruise companies such as Hapag Lloyd Cruises and Marine Technology and Engineering Organisations like the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA).

Video Portraits of Drift+Noise Polar Services

Portrait by the Copernicus Marine Service

Bremen's Buten un Binnen accompanied our team while we were supporting the research icebreaker Polarstern in Antarctica. (in German)

The team members are:

Dr. Lasse Rabenstein

Lasse Rabenstein

General Management

Lasse holds a PhD in geophysics and is founder of the first generation. He takes care of the sustainable growth and management of the company.

Dr. Paul Cochrane

Paul Cochrane

Development and Operations

Paul holds a PhD in physics and is a software developer by heart. He manages the devops processes in the company.

Dr. Panagiotis Kountouris

Panagiotis Kountouris

Research and Development

Panagiotis holds a PhD in environmental physics. He coordinates and actively performs research on new sea-ice information products.

Matthias Verbeke

Matthias Verbeke


Matthias ensures that Drift+Noise is founded on a solid legal base, ranging from partnership contracts to international regulations.

Dr. Lasse Rabenstein

Bernhard Schmitz

Frontend Development

Bernhard is a geophysicsist and professional software engineer. He is the driving force behind the IcySea progressive web application.

Dr. Lasse Rabenstein

Alexandra Stocker

User Needs

Alexandra holds a MSc in coastal and marine managament and joined the team in December 2020. She is doing outreach and collects user feedback for the team.