MAP-BORealis — Automatic route optimization in sea-ice covered oceans by means of satellite remote sensing.

MAP-BORealis aims on the development and better understanding of ship route optimization in ice covered oceans. Compared to previous research projects with that objective, MAP-BORealis uses innovative techniques from the fields of remote sensing, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, sea-ice modelling and system integration. In particular it combines a workflow which includes automated sea ice classification of satellite images, hourly predictions of the sea-ice evolution and multi dimensional optimization routines to eventually provide route suggestions which minimize risk, time and/or fuel consumption.

The video below explains the background ideas of the MAP-BORealis project and how it can optimize routes through ice-infested waters (in German).

Drift+Noise is one of the main partners in this project. We will investigate the applicability of the PRIIMA sea-ice forecast method to the routing optimization scheme and check the usability of the method to real examples.

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